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Donovan Complete Masonry     

Dear Homeowner,

Welcome to Donovan Complete Masonry. It is with much enthusiasm that we write to you recommending the services of our company. Donovan Complete Masonry is an Ottawa based masonry restoration company that is here to assist you in a complete range of historic repairs from waterproofing to repointing and structural work among others. We have been in business for the past 43 years now and all our customers have always been completely satisfied with our performance. When contracted on a particular service, we consistently deliver an excellent job. Our services are backed by punctuality and very competitive prices in town notwithstanding the high-quality outcomes.

Our company delivers exactly as asked by our customers at very reasonable prices. We boast of having a lineup of professional tradesmen who relentlessly strive to remain at the cutting edge of masonry services conveyance. We have been hired occasionally for extra jobs such as debris removal, pressure washing, caulking of windows, doors and expansion joints, repairing historic buildings, etcetera. We truly care about every construction as we do our own and this is why our completed tasks are ever spotless.

We have a reputation of being very innovative. Even in extreme conditions such as winter, we heat sand to eliminate freezing so that we can execute our designated tasks. Another innovative example of our company is the special material that we use when applying custom colored foundations which is covered in detail through our website. Our team members are easy to work with, very innovative and never hesitate to communicate our ideas or recommendation to the client.

Being accident free for over 43 years proves to you that we care about not only your safety but also ours. Before embarking on a job, we always ensure that proper equipment has been dispatched to our working location and set up correctly. In the instance of scaffolds, we always follow a step by step procedure fitting the climbers with safety pins to prevent falls. Health and safety are key factors in our company in order to protect the wellness of our team as well as that of our customers. Stop over our site today to learn more and feel free to contact us for any clarification. The process of requesting a non-obligatory quote on our website is always free and instant. All estimates are free but it is impossible to compile an estimate immediately we receive a quote since we might be attending to another job. Most at times, it might take 2-3 days till our customers get their estimate but can be arranged based on geographical locations due to the high demand for quotes. Feel free to contact us for more information. Cheers!


Donovan Syryduk