Ottawa brick repointing services

We offer expert stone repointing services that will give your home a new and amazing facelift. Get your entire home completely repointed as though it was new. We serve Ottawa.

We professionally repoint stones after confirming their quality. We do not necessarily replace stones if their quality is good but rather repoint them to give them the amazing look that they once had.

During our stone repointing process, we are mindful of mortar color so that it perfectly matches with your stone walls. We treasure your stone walls and we are always ready to bring back its glory.

Many times, you will hear us speaking of creating new faces for old friends. Stone repointing is exactly what we mean. Donovan Masonry can achieve this for you. It is an investment in many ways.

Stone repointing serves to beautify your property as well as extending the life of the stones. In our repointing process, we remove the old loose mortar and apply new mortar at a consistent depth making it a lasting repair.

Even if your wall has many fractures and holes in the mortar joints, we will repoint it completely. All work is done free hand. The workers right hand has what is called a hawk to hold the material on and iron rods called slickers or tuck pointers to apply the mortar.

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