Here is what some of our customers say about us and our services:

Historic Home Restoration

Donovan Masonry was the only company we trusted to repoint our historic 1876 farmhouse with its original brick. Donovan knew all the dos and don’ts of working with historic brick and which mortar to use so as to preserve and not cause future damage. He also recommended options for needed additional repairs such as replacing windowsills, replacing broken bricks with genuine period bricks, and options for new entry steps – all of which we agreed to thanks to his expert advice. We highly recommend this company to help restore and preserve historic homes.

Marco Millaire

Chimney Repair

Donovan Masonry goes the extra mile in delivering exceptional work and service at a competitive price. Donovan completed the restoration of my damaged chimney and it looks beautiful. He personally brought brick options to my house so we could select the ideal match for the existing brick. Within a few days his crew set up and started the work. Donovan and his crew are very respectful and professional as they work. After completing the rebuilding they thought ahead by protecting the new chimney with tarps and insulation, which was critical since it snowed heavily the next day. The new chimney looks beautiful and adds value, safety, and practical fireplace usage to the house. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire Donovan again. Well done.

Paul Kasman

Brick Replacement

Work has just been completed on my house to replace all brick window ledges with masonry stone. The brick ledges were breaking apart and needed to be replaced. Donovan’s work crew replaced all ledges with concrete stone and the finished look of my house is fantastic. I highly recommend Donovan Masonry for this work. They were very professional in both their workmanship and attitude. The final result makes me a very proud home owner. Thank you.

Mark Griffith

Brick Work

I would highly recommend this company. We hired them in 2013 to repair some brick work on our 90+ year old Ottawa home, as well as to patch the outer coat of the exposed part of our foundation wall. Donovan arrived and provided a detailed quote and recommendations with regard to the extent of the work that should be undertaken (we found that he did not try and oversell us on extensive work, or tell us that we could get away with a smaller patch job). He and his crew arrived on time, left a clean worksite, and best of all completed a very high quality job that matches well with our existing masonry. Donovan and his crew are very talented “old school” masons, meaning they took the time to ensure that colours, textures and work performed matched well with our existing masonry. In one instance, a brick face spalled during the work, and Donovan took the time to find a matching historic brick that blended perfectly with the remainder of the column. Our neighbours were impressed with the work and later hired this company to repair their chimney – again, they were very happy with the results. It makes a difference to go with an experienced mason for quality work that lasts, and if you don’t want your work to look like a cheap patch job.


Lesley Taylor