Brick Replacement in Ottawa Ontario

We offer the best brick replacement solutions in Ottawa Ontario. With time, brick work becomes so damaged that portions of the wall will need to be replaced. Call us today for a brick replacement service.

When bricks get damaged, integrity of the wall is compromised and an accident could happen where the brick could fall. Instead of rebuilding the whole wall, get us to replace specific damaged bricks and save your wall.

Some walls may have bricks that have been eroded or spalled and need replacement. During our brick replacement process, we save the existing good bricks while we replace others. The cost of doing this is considerably less compared to completely rebuilding the whole structure.

As we replace bricks, we are mindful of safety. This means that as we remove bricks, we use bracing to ensure that removed sections do not collapse. Bracing is a very important part of a restoration project.

It is important to note that when replacing bricks, we must use bricks that match the original ones in terms of color, size, and texture, as close as the original.