Chimney Rebuilding Experts in Ottawa Ontario

Completion of chimney rebuilding

Chimney rebuilding in Ottawa Ontario done by the best in the industry; Donovan masonry. So yes, contact the expert to help you with a chimney rebuilding solution.

Unlike other features of your house that are protected by the roof, the chimney is exposed to a lot of heat, snow, and even rain. As a result, the chimney may lose its structural integrity due to the cracked masonry work. When the brickwork is damaged, moisture is allowed into your chimney, and this may lead to the interior metal parts starting to rust. 

In Ottawa, the weather may be harsh on your chimney, but Donovan Masonry is a call away from solving this problem for you. We rebuild each chimney depending on the type of damage. The rebuilding process entails tearing the chimney down and then building it back up with new material, and with our level of experience, we do the job right.

How do you identify a chimney rebuilding need?

Do you see broken bricks on your chimney? Is there a water leak in your chimney? Are there large cracks in the masonry? With any of these signs, your chimney requires more than just tuck pointing; it needs rebuilding. At Donavan Masonry, we have proficient professionals that effectively examine your chimney and advise you on what parts of your chimney need rebuilding.

Your chimney also needs rebuilding if you feel it is not tall enough to create enough draft. Failing to repair or rebuild your chimney when it is in bad shape may cause a lot of risk to your home and even to you. Therefore, contact Donovan Masonry to rebuild your chimney as a way of preventing further damage and to boost the value of your home.

Services rendered in the rebuilding of your chimney

At Donovan Masonry, we offer both partial chimneys rebuild and complete chimneys rebuild depending on the state of your chimney. We carry out partial rebuilding when it’s a small chimney, which means no scaffolds are needed. As a result, only the damaged part of the chimney is rebuilt. We strongly advise on this type of chimney rebuilding when the damage is only at the top.

Complete chimney rebuilding is mostly carried out when the bricks are broken or when there is a water leakage.  The complete chimney rebuilding process entails replacing the crown and outside bricks.  At Donovan Masonry, we basically removed the entire top of the chimney and rebuild it from scratch. Mostly, if the crown of your house chimney is not built from the right material, in the case of harsh weather conditions, it will not hold. That is why at Donovan Masonry, we make certain that we provide the best services in rebuilding your chimney so that it can withstand the Ottawa weather. To ensure the former glory of your chimney structure is restored, we are the team to hire.  

Start of chimney rebuilding scaffold set up

Why Choose Donovan Masonry for Chimney Rebuilding?

At Donovan Masonry, we have skilled and well trained chimney rebuilders that are able to inspect your chimney in a professional way and inform you whether your chimney needs partial or complete rebuilding.

You should also choose Donovan Masonry because of our long time competency in chimney rebuilding. We always have happy clients after the job is completed as we always exceed your expectations. At Donovan Masonry, we also have skilled individuals that are well equipped to deal with different types of chimneys. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our services regardless of the type of damage to your chimney or the type of chimney on your property.

Completion of chimney rebuilding including metal cap

We have been trusted to rebuild both small and large chimneys for years, and we have always offered reliable services. Our experience has always allowed us to do the job correctly, which is exactly what your chimney requires.

Can Donovan Masonry effectively deal with multiple chimney needs?

We are capable of handling any chimney project in a timely and efficient manner. So yes, contact the expert to help you with any of your chimney repair or rebuilding needs.

At Donovan Masonry, our work speaks for itself, and therefore, if you need to improve the resale value of your house or just make it more comfortable to live in; we are the team to call.

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