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Our team of dedicated and well-trained craftsmen have ensured that we continue to deliver an admirable customer experience since the inception of our company.

Chimney repairs and repointing in Ottawa Ontario

We would be extremely honored to serve you with a professional solution and save your chimney from being torn down.

Custom metal chimney caps and flashing

We offer metal chimney cap installation services in Ottawa Ontario. Chimney caps cover and protect the top of the chimney.

Above grade foundation repairs and parging

We are a trusted company with the provision of above grade foundation repair services in Ottawa Ontario.

Decorative custom colored foundations

We allow our customers and builders to choose the color they want to decorate their foundations with. Note that the material is not just color but also a protective coating.

Brick and stone repointing

We offer expert brick and stone repointing services that will give your home a new and amazing facelift. 

Brick replacement

We offer the best brick replacement solutions in Ottawa. With time, brick work becomes so damaged that portions of the wall will need to be replaced. 

Caulking Services in Ottawa
Caulking of doors, windows, and expansion joints

At Donovan Masonry, we are experts in caulking of doors, windows, and expansion joints. We offer the highest quality of caulking in Ottawa Ontario.

Scaffold erection

We are experts in safe erection of scaffolds. We erect scaffolds for homeowners in Ottawa Ontario. Call us today to get the job done.

Creating new faces for old friends.
Chimney rebuilding in Ottawa Ontario

Chimney rebuilding in Ottawa done by the best in the industry; Donovan masonry. Contact the expert to help you with a chimney rebuilding solution.

Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa
Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa Ontario

Contact us today to get the best custom stone installation services in Ottawa. We value our clients’ property, and that is why you should trust us, the experts.

Window sill installation in ottawa
Window Sill Installation in Ottawa Ontario

Donovan Masonry prides itself as the best installer for window sills in Ottawa. We install concrete, stone and brick window sills. Contact us today to get the job done.