Metal Chimney Caps Installation in Ottawa Ontario

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We offer metal chimney caps installation services in Ottawa Ontario. Chimney caps cover and protect the top of the chimney.

During chimney cap installation, we ensure that they are custom fit and with wire mesh on the sides. This prevents water and animals from getting into the house through the chimney. 

What benefits do you get from installing metal chimney caps on your property?

Could you imagine having a dead raccoon in your house for days? The smell, and the risk of getting infected by a disease due to having an animal carcass inside your chimney, is too high a price to pay. It is costly to always have someone cleanup for you if dead animals are always in your chimney. Having an experienced professional install a metal chimney cap not only keeps the unwanted creatures out, it also protects the interior of the chimney. 

It is also important that you have a chimney cap on your property because this saves you the cost of having to repair your chimney interior due to water penetrating and ruining in  your chimney masonry. Therefore, you get to save your money by having Donovan Masonry provide chimney cap installation services for you.

Chimney cap installation in Ottawa

Why have metal chimney caps installed?

It keeps the water out.

If you have not installed a chimney cap, when it rains, water is likely to penetrate the chimney masonry. As a result, the structure becomes susceptible to deterioration. Furthermore, with water penetrating into the chimney interior, the interior are likely to be ruined due to the growth of mold. Thus, as a way of ensuring you do not incur an additional cost of repairing your chimney, you should have a professional install the metalic chimney cap for you.

It helps in preventing clogged flues.

When cleaning your gutter, you have probably seen the amount of debris that you have to clean from your roof. Consequently, if you do not have a chimney cap, unwanted objects like leaves and twigs are allowed in, and this increases the risk of the flue becoming blocked. Mostly, this may result in the smoke getting back to your home on lighting a fire. However, worry not, we are a contact away from providing professional chimney cap installation services for you.

It also prevents fire hazards.

Installing a metal chimney cap helps prevent cases of embers and sparks from fire-burning in your fireplace. Without the chimney cap, the sparks may land on the roof and this may lead to the roof catching fire. Donovan Masonry cares about your comfort and you feeling safe in your home, which is why we advise on having a metal chimney cap installed on our clients’ property. Stay safe by having experts to install the metal chimney cap for you.

The types of chimney caps we install

We are aware that we have a variety of clients and what suits one client may not suit the other. However, since we are equipped with a well-trained personality, we advise our clients on what type of chimney cap to install on their chimney depending on their fireplace situation and their budget. We do an excellent job of chimney cap installation not only to keep water, wildlife, and dirt out, but also to ensure that it is aesthetically pleasing.   Therefore, despite the type of chimney cap you prefer, we are well equipped to handle it.

Chimney caps installation

Why have Donovan Masonry install the chimney caps for you?

We have a reputation for excellence in the services we provide, and chimney caps installation is something we do perfectly. The benefits of having a well installed chimney cap are too many for you ignore. Have the experts handle the chimney cap installation job for you. You should also have us install the chimney cap for you because we have the needed skills to advice on the right size and style of cap for your chimney. When we install the chimney caps, we make sure it does its intended job. Reach out to us for chimney caps installation services.

Chimney caps installation in ottawa