Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa Ontario

custom stone installation

Custom Stone installation Service in Ottawa by Donovan. For years, Donovan Masonry has managed to make its clients’ vision a reality by providing the best custom stone installation services in Ottawa. Currently, custom stone is becoming the most preferred interior and exterior decor for homes and business premises. However, finding an organization that has expert stone installers is an issue, and that is where we come in. We have a team of trained specialists in custom stone installation that work closely with our clients to not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations.

We can make any creative request possible for our clients. Therefore, do not hesitate to give us a call for all your custom stone installation projects.

Stone Installation Process

It is not unheard of that beautiful custom stones have been destroyed due to bad installation. As a result, the deterioration and maintenance issues of the stone are experienced. At Donovan Masonry, we pride ourselves on knowing that, with our team of professional installers, we follow the proper process of custom stone installation and this enables us to attain consistency and finish.

Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa

We follow three important steps in the installation process. We begin with surface layering and then install the custom stones in the desired order. The next step is making sure that the space between the individual stones is tightly filled. The other important step that we follow is applying the finishing touch, which involves cleaning away excess dirt and adding an extra layer of protection to the custom stones.

Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa

We are able to undertake any size of custom stone installation project as we consider various factors that may lead to the stones getting damaged. Our professional team ensures that they protect your property as well as leave the area clean and tidy.

Why Choose Us For Custom Stone Installation Services?

Our experience

We are the best custom stone installation service providers in Ottawa and our work speaks for itself. We undertake all projects, big or small, with the clients’ needs in mind, and this has enabled us to deliver more than our clients’ exact specifications.

Our level of dedication

We handle your project from start to finish in an efficient and timely manner. Our team of professional installers is attentive to details and can use any type of stone of your choice to provide the needed services.

We recognize the significance of a final finish on your property, which is why we provide custom stone installation services on time and on budget.

High Quality Service

We have a team of experts that ensure they complete every custom stone installation project to a high standard, despite the size. We offer custom installation services for your fireplace, bathroom, reception, and any other place in your property you feel needs an elegant finish.

Custom Stone Installation in Ottawa

Our clients’ home will be done with the same meticulous care our tradesman is taking on his own home as shown in the images above.

While offering custom stone installation services in residential homes, we work closely with our clients to eliminate problems and ensure timely completion of the project. Our installers also have hands-on-the-job experience, which enables them to protect your investment as they offer custom stone installation services with the utmost care and skills.

We Offer Residential Custom Stone Installation Services

We have gained a reputation for our residential custom stone installation services. We have been relied on to provide limestone, marble, slate, granite, and travertine installation services, to mention but a few, and we have effectively delivered. We have not only improved the aesthetic appeal of our clients’ properties but also increased their value. We take pride in providing impressive results for all our clients.

Our Image Gallery for Exterior and Interior Stone Installation in Ottawa Ontario

Weather it’s a stone face or brick face we have you covered. With Donovan the end result is a superior exterior.

Contact us today to get the best custom stone installation services in Ottawa. We value our clients’ property, and that is why you should trust us, the experts, to provide all your installation services.