Best Masonry Contractor in Ottawa

By now, you have a glimpse of what to expect when you call us to action regarding your project. Are you living in an old home and have no idea how to give it a new and amazing look? We know how you feel but worry no more; a solution has come to you. Donovan Complete Masonry is here to create new faces for old friends. We offer masonry services ranging from chimney repairs and rebuilding, foundation repairs and foundation purging, brick and stone pointing, brick replacement, brick and stone cleaning, chimney sweeping, custom colored foundations and many more masonry restoration works name them; we got it. We are ready with our tools of trade:

Night or day, we refuse to be limited by time. At Donovan Masonry, we are aware that you deserve the best quality of services delivered within your deadlines. That is why we work tirelessly to ensure we render best services to our clients. This picture shows our men working late at night, a form of dedication that is only found in a team whose priority is customer satisfaction. Donovan tradesmen will work late on weekdays and even on weekends. An assurance that your property will be transformed to a beautiful structure within your timeframe. Our work ethic is to be admired, and this is reflected in their elegantly presented work, which surpasses your expectations.

All of our masonry services are done by a professionally trained team that purposes to improve the aesthetics of your home. The team is fit to handle every trivial or large restoration service that you may require. People always think that their houses or are too small or old to look beautiful. Nonetheless, we perfect every structure that we lay our hands on. We are loaded with equipment such as scaffolds that we use to reach and repair even the tallest of structures. The ethical behavior and dedication demonstrated by our team has enabled us to offer excellent services to our clients for over four decades. We are always prepared for the job and nothing makes us happier than to serve you.

All of our scaffold erection is done by our company and not sourced out. This is a huge savings to the homeowner.

On colder days your chimney is protected with insulated tarps to prevent any freezing of the fresh new mortar application.

When homeowners are looking for parging work, most do not understand what true parging involves. I ask anyone that has had parging completed, if their parging process resembles anything like this. This process is required on many different homes. Donovan Masonry will inform you if this detailed application is a must in your home.

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