Chimney Rebuilding on a House Older Than Canada

Chimney rebuilding in Ottawa

Chimney rebuilding on a home that is two hundred years old is an honor for Donovan Masonry. We are aware that old houses hold rich history and beautiful memories, and we aim to ensure the defined features of such homes are kept for future generations. Therefore, a damaged chimney on such a historic home may have dire consequences, and that is why we are here to provide you with exceptional chimney rebuilding services in Ottawa. Our expertise in tearing down chimneys and rebuilding them with new materials has earned us a great reputation in restoring the aesthetics of every home we are called to serve.

Unlike other masons, Donovan Masonry has tradesmen equipped with professional skills and abilities, such as scaffold erection, which is essential in chimney rebuilding. We also have the necessary equipment for such work. Each one of our tradesmen has over a decade of experience in chimney rebuilding, and this helps us perfectly rebuild any old chimney without causing any damage to its metal roof. Donovan Masonry professionally handles small, medium, large, and even old projects diligently. A chimney can be damaged due to floods, chimney fires, lack of maintenance, or other natural causes. We know our stuff, and that is why we are trusted with the amazing face-lift of an old home in this chimney rebuilding process.

We charge reasonable and competitive prices for the services we provide notwithstanding our high quality results. Unlike other masons who will charge you almost six times the normal price just because they lack the professional skills and are afraid to take up the job, we know the value of your house and we are always ready to serve your restoration needs. It is critical that a home which holds so much history and value be handled by experts to achieve the best desirable outcome. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact Donovan Masonry when your chimney needs any form of attention from repointing, rebuilding, and even fitting metal chimney caps.

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